Selected Lectures and Presentations

School of Economics of Peking University, Public Finance Forum (May 2010)

  • Background Paper: “Yang’s Law and Zhu’s Mandate: The Role of Government Accounting in Managing the State” [ChanPAForum10V2A.pdf]
  • Presentation outline: “A Seat at the Table: Contributions of Government Accounting to Fiscal Policy and Management” [Chan2010PKUPubFinSem.pdf]
  • Illustrative budgets and financial statements [USGov11Budget&09Acct.pdf]

Peking University and Central University of Finance and Economics, Lectures in American Government Accounting [See Teaching: Beijing, China (2010) for more information]

Sun Yat-sen University, Global Forum of Chinese Public Management Scholars
“The Roles of Government Accounting in Managing the Chinese State”

Research Institute of Fiscal Science (Beijing), and Institute of Govt. Accounting Research at Zhongnan University of Law and Economics (Wuhan) (March 2010): “American Government Financial Conditions and Financial Reporting” (ChanLecture10March.pdf) and Illustrations (ChanLect10MarchUSGFC.pdf)

Lecture series at the University of Cagliari, Italy (May-June, 2008); for program description and background readings, click here.

1. CIGAR: Objectives, Substantive and Methodological Issues (ChanCagSem1.pdf)
2. American Government Accounting: Environment, Theory and History (ChanCagSem2.pdf)
3. American Government Accounting: Institutions, Concepts and Standards (ChanCagSem3.pdf)
4. Making Sense of American Government Financial Statements (ChanCagSem4.pdf)
5. IPSAS: Conceptual and Institutional Issues (ChanCagSem5.pdf)
6. Government Adoption of Accounting Standards (ChanCagSem6.pdf)

Lectures at the National School of Public Administration, Roma (July 2008)

1. Accrual Accounting: Concepts, Standards and Implementation (ChanITSSPAProfAcct.pdf)
2. What Every Public Manager Should Know About Accrual Accounting (ChanITSSPAPubManagers.pdf)