Journal Volumes and Books

1. Series Editor, Research in Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting (RIGNA), Vol. 1-9 (1985-1996). (Click to purchase RIGNA on
Major themes:

Vol. 1: Government Accounting Policy Research
Vol. 2: Auditing, Health Care, Higher Education, Credit Analysis
Vol. 3 (A): Managerial Emphasis, Financial Reporting Issues
Vol. 3 (B): Research Methodology, Use and Users of Financial Information
Vol. 4 (Rowan Jones, co-editor): Doctoral Dissertations
Vol. 5 (James Patton, co-editor): Data Envelopment Analysis
Vol. 6 (James Patton, co-editor): Public Budgeting, Nonprofit, Bond Rating, Hospital
Vol. 7 (James Patton, co-editor): Public Choice
Vol. 8: Modeling the Political System, Signaling and Monitoring, Choosing Organization Form
Vol. 9 (Rowan Jones and Klaus Luder, co-editors): Comparative International Government Accounting Research (CIGAR)

2. Objectives of Accounting and Financial Reporting by Governmental Units: A Research Study, Volume 1 (Chicago: NCGA, 1981), 128 pp, with A.R. Drebin and L.C. Ferguson. [summary in Chan1981DrebinFergusonNCGA.pdf]

3. Edited Government Accounting and Auditing: International Comparisons (London: Routledge, 1988), with R. Jones.

4. Edited* Government and Nonprofit Accounting in Western Nations, translation by Zhao Jianyong (Beijing: China Economic and Finance Publishing House, 1997). * wrote preface, edited and proofread Chinese translation.

5. Models of Public Budgeting and Accounting Reform, Chinese edition (Beijing: CITIC Publishing House, 2002); English edition as OECD Journal on Budgeting, Vol. 2, Supplement 1 (Paris: OECD, 2002), 354 pp. co-edited with Chen Xiao-yue.

6. American Government Accounting Standards and Their Relevance to China – a monograph in English and in Chinese translation by CHEN Suihong (to be published in China).

7. American Budget Law: A Quest for Institutional Power and Fiscal Balance – a monograph in English and in Chinese translation by XU Yunxiao (to be published in China).

8. Accounting for Governments and Nonprofit Organizations – a textbook in English and Chinese to be published in the United States and in China.