Beijing, China (2010)

Lectures in Governmental Accounting
Professor James L. Chan
May 2010
Beijing, China

Description of Lecture Series

Lecture Outlines

References and Further Readings
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  • Lecture 1
    • Chinese/English Glossary [AGAKeyTerms.pdf]
    • “Major Changes in American Government Accounting” Chinese Accounting Research (September 2004) [CAR0409Chan.pdf]
    • U.S. Government Consolidated Financial Statements FY 2009 (selected pages) [USG09KeyCFS.pdf]
    • American City, Government-wide Financial Statements FY 2009 [GASB34GovtwideFS.pdf]
    • American City, General Fund Budget Comparison Schedule [GASB34Budcomp.pdf]
  • Lecture 2
  • Lecture 3
  • Lecture 4
  • Lecture 5
    • “Yang’s Law and Premier Zhou’s Mandate: The Role of Accounting in Governing the Chinese State” (2010) [ChanPAForum10V2A.pdf]
    • “The Relevance of American Government Accounting Standards to China,” Chapter 7 in American Government Accounting Standards and Their Relevance to China (2009) [CH0809CH07.pdf]
    • Yang Shizhan (1997), “My Views on Establishing a System of Government Accountability in China,” Collected Works of Yang Shizan (Beijing: Enterprise Managing Publishing House), pp. 281-293 [Yang_Shizhan.pdf]
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    • “Government Accounting: An Assessment of Theory, Purposes and Standards,” Public Money and Management (January, 2003), pp. 13-20 – Chinese version [CAR0309ChanLi.pdf]
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